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Metallic paint FLT-611

  • Metallic paint FLT-611
Metallic paint FLT-611
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Freight water-borne antifouling metallic paint is a single component composed of special resin, super weather resistant pigment and multi-functional imported additives. The coating has the advantages of long life and UV resistance, strong adhesion, good hardness, excellent corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and simple construction. According to China's construction limitations, humid and rainy areas, acid-base climate and rush to work period, a new single component interior and exterior wall coating has been improved. It is very popular for its high performance, diversified colors and simple construction.

It has the following outstanding performance:

1. At present, it is a very dust-proof, antifouling and non stick coating paint that is leading in the domestic coating industry. If it is polluted by dust for a long time, after being washed with water or drenched by rain, the building will be brand-new and have an unimaginable effect.

2. Excellent alkali resistance and excellent weather resistance. The special resin used will not decompose and break down under strong UV light. At the same time, the high acid and alkali resistant pigment can be added, which can be exposed to the sun for a long time, washed by rain and is not easy to change color.

3. The coating has good waterproof and air permeability (such as skin effect). The coating has pores less than 3a, which can flush the difference between the wall and the external environment caused by humidity, temperature and air pressure. The coating is waterproof and air permeable, and does not affect the adhesion of the coating. The coating shall not crack, blister or fall off.

4. It has self-cleaning function. When it rains, the rain will automatically wash away the micro powder and dust, showing a new coating. The coating will not be heated and sticky, and has excellent bactericidal and algal resistant properties.

5. Very strong adhesion, because the diameter is less than 0.1mm, during construction, it penetrates into the micro pores on the putty and cement surface, and forms a strong network adsorption and integrates with the base.

6. It is not suitable for construction below 5C, and it can resist light rain 60 minutes after use.

Recommended use:

It can be used in the interior and exterior walls of buildings, cement decorative components, gypsum components, wood and karaoke Business Club of hotels, etc


Various solid and metallic luster: matte, semi gloss and bright

Construction method:

Relative method: spraying, coating, coating interval is 25 ℃, 8 hours can be used for new concrete, prefabricated concrete, cement mortar, etc. the surface of the base material should be kept flat and dry, and it can also be used for old concrete, cement mortar and batch ironing. However, the defective concrete and loose part must be repaired first. Paint shovel and high-pressure water gun can be used to remove the oil stain and dirt on the surface And the old surface shall be completely removed. If there is a crack, it shall be repaired with putty paint to ensure that the pre coated base surface is clean and dry, free of loose substances, dust, oil and other impurities. The wall surface is uneven, rough and porous. Cracks shall be filled with special waterproof putty, and polished after drying. If the surface is powdered, the powdered layer shall be removed, the multi-functional sealing primer shall be applied, and the top coat shall be applied after drying. There should be division joints, which can release the pressure on the wall and reduce the cracks on the wall. (if the wall area is too large, it will be very difficult for the wall to be completely flat, and the division lines are used to divide the large area into small areas, so as to make the wall relatively flat in vision.) the division joints are various bottom floats, such as cutting type, embedded rubber strip type and paste color separation lines.

Add 15% to 20% clean water to the primer and stir for about 3 minutes, and then evenly apply one or two times with oil broom

Pattern layer:

Add a proper amount of water into the embossing slurry, mix for 3 to 5 minutes, adjust the spray gun to spray the design required pattern of flower arrangement.

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