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Emulsion paint for internal and external walls

  • Emulsion paint for internal and external walls
Emulsion paint for internal and external walls
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Freight interior and exterior wall emulsion paint series, color can be customized.

Coating refers to a kind of liquid or powder material, which can be coated on the surface of an object through a specific construction process, and form a solid adhesion after drying and curing. It has a certain strength and continuous solid-state coating, and has protection, decoration or other special functions for the object to be coated:

1) protection: protect the coating from the erosion of harmful substances, so that the coating can extend its service life;

2) decoration: make the coated object more beautiful;

3) the performance of the coating can be divided into: the opening appearance of the coating, low-temperature freeze-thaw;

4) coating construction method and performance: brush coating, roller coating, spraying and construction handle leveling performance, etc;

5) coating appearance: such as luster, fullness, color and delicacy;

6) drying time: surface drying time, actual drying time, recoating time and maintenance period;

7) adhesion: adhesion to substrate or old paint film;

8) covering power: whether to cover the bottom after normal brushing times;

9) mechanical property: hardness, impact and flexibility;

10) resistance: UV resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, mildew resistance and algae resistance;

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