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Ladle sand-1744

  • Ladle sand-1744
Ladle sand-1744
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Sand in water has a thick paste coating which imitates natural stone, marble and granite. Natural color, with the texture of natural stone, various line grid design, can provide a variety of three-dimensional shape of the pattern structure, can visually show the elegant and solemn beauty of the whole building, is the best substitute for dry hanging stone on the exterior wall.

Characteristics of sand in water:

Weather resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility resistance, self-cleaning, UV resistance, long-lasting color retention, it is the best material for high-grade building decoration.

Sand in water construction:

Base material treatment shall be done according to the common external wall first (scraping elastic leveling putty for 2-3 times);

Apply sealing primer;

Split seam;

Spray the intermediate paint of the same color;

Sand in water;


Top grade transparent finish;

Precautions for sand in water:

When the environmental humidity is more than 85%, it is not suitable for construction, otherwise, it is easy to cause defects such as white paint film.

The environment and painting tools must be clean when painting.

If the temperature drops below 5 ℃, the drying time of the coating will be prolonged, and if the temperature is too low, white fog or extinction will occur. Therefore, construction under this condition should be avoided, and operation under direct sunlight or high temperature should be avoided. If the temperature is too high, the coating will dry quickly, and pinhole bubbles will also occur. Therefore, high temperature construction should be avoided as much as possible.

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