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Texture lacquer A-058

  • Texture lacquer A-058
Texture lacquer A-058
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Texture paint is a new type of wall decoration paint in recent years. Compared with high viscosity and thick coating products such as stone paint, relief paint and brushed paint, texture paint has the characteristics of flexible construction method (spraying, roller painting, scraping painting), various colors (color matching according to color card), more comprehensive effect (plane, relief, pattern and other effects), etc., so it is widely used in architecture Decoration and protection of external walls. This product is a water-based system. The durable latex paint containing fine sand can resist different climate changes. The texture of fine sand makes the coating more decorative and covers the surface of fine concave convex.

Product features:

More than 95% of the ingredients are natural inorganic minerals, which endow the building with more than ten calcareous textures in Europe, making the building and environment reach perfect coordination;

The simple, rough and steady style publicizes a kind of freedom without carving, which infuses the modern architecture with surprise and distinct personality;

Using different construction tools or matching with the facing layer can deduce the changeable three-dimensional texture and create a unique personalized facade;

Combined with the rich and colorful paint finishes, the architects show their wisdom and inspiration;

Good air permeability and waterproof, keep the wall dry, help to adjust the indoor temperature;

It belongs to inorganic cement cementitious material with wall, so it has excellent affinity with wall;

Even in rain, acid rain, snow, moisture, freeze-thaw and other harsh environment, it can still be safe;

Economy, low maintenance cost, high cost performance, weather resistance generally more than 15 years;

High strength, not easy to fall off, impact resistance, good wear resistance, fire retardant;

It has good flexibility and is the best supporting material for external wall insulation;


The interior and exterior walls of villas, high-grade residences, hotels, sports facilities and leisure clubs are painted;

Old city reconstruction, heat preservation integration, cement construction and various brick and wood structure surface coating.

matters needing attention:

For porous materials. Coarseness is mutual encouragement, which can only be painted after finishing or leveling with cement-based leveling materials;

According to the specific situation of the base surface, select and use the corresponding primer;

In order to avoid uneven gloss, please spray the surface oil with a gloss of more than 3 points;

This product uses natural minerals as aggregates. Due to the mining of ore batches and the new and old factors of color cards, sometimes slight color deviation occurs, which is normal;

Users may have slightly different effects from the color card due to different factors such as base surface, process, construction personnel, etc. this color card is only for reference.

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