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Rock slice lacquer YP-1011

  • Rock slice lacquer YP-1011
Rock slice lacquer YP-1011
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Fulet rock flake paint -- imitating marble paint is a new generation of water-based, single coating and multi-color environmental protection paint, which is made of natural mineral sand as aggregate and artificial synthetic rock flake. The appearance of marble is colorful, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to construct, no hidden danger after forming, and economic in cost. It is a fashionable new building decoration material at present. Rock flake paint -- imitation marble paint is a kind of one-time spraying and forming marble appearance multi-color paint constructed with traditional paint, which endows architectural wall with artistic, solemn and elegant decorative effect. Because of its thick quality and toughness, it can solve most of wall phenomena and intensively care our wall.


Natural mineral aggregate, never fade, environmental protection and pollution-free;

Imitation marble appearance, convenient construction, rich modeling;

Excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance, heat and flame resistance;

The coating is thick and tough, resistant to cracking and falling off;

Cost economy, mass selection;


The interior and exterior walls of villas, high-grade residences, hotels, sports facilities and leisure clubs are painted;

Old city reconstruction, heat preservation integration, cement construction and various brick and wood structure surface coating.

matters needing attention:

For porous materials. Coarseness is mutual encouragement, which can only be painted after finishing or leveling with cement-based leveling materials;

According to the specific situation of the base surface, select and use the corresponding primer;

In order to avoid uneven gloss, please spray the surface oil with a gloss of more than 3 points;

This product uses natural minerals as aggregates. Due to the mining of ore batches and the new and old factors of color cards, sometimes slight color deviation occurs, which is normal;

Users may have slightly different effects from the color card due to different factors such as base surface, process, construction personnel, etc. this color card is only for reference.

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