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Natural stone lacquer F-665

  • Natural stone lacquer F-665
Natural stone lacquer F-665
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Freight natural stone paint is the company's latest technology, using natural color marble, granite stone as raw materials, high polymer and various additives through a special process of manufacturing high-grade water-soluble interior and exterior wall decoration coating. It can be widely used in the surface of cement building, wood structure, cardboard and gypsum products. The application of real stone paint can make the building reflect the natural, stable and elegant surface and the original appearance of natural stone. It is the best architectural coating for indoor and outdoor decoration, technological modeling and urban European sculpture.

Product features:

1, anti-aging, long service life, rich color, gorgeous appearance, simulation stone effect.

2. Excellent outdoor weather resistance, mildew resistance and algae production.

3. It has good water resistance, excellent washing and pollution resistance.

4. It is easy to construct, clean and renovate.

5. It has good crack resistance and can be used with insulation materials.

Base surface treatment: the new wall surface shall be smooth, clean and firm; the gap shall be repaired. The old wall surface shall be removed of loose coating; the surface dust, oil stain shall be removed, and the repair shall be smooth. Ensure that the wall is fully dry with humidity < 8% and pH < 10. Apply alkali resistant primer, roll or spray the primer evenly on the wall. After the primer is dried for 2-6 hours, it can be sprayed with natural stone paint twice. It is required to be formed twice, with the thickness of 2-4mm and the spraying pressure of 8-12kg. After drying, polish with sandpaper and blow up the floating ash. After the stone paint is completely dry, spray the finishing coat for two times.

Construction temperature:

1. 5-35 ° C, more than 40 ° C or less than 5 ° C is not suitable for construction, and rain, snow, fog and gale weather are not suitable for construction.

2. Storage temperature: 5-35 ° C (avoid long-term storage under 0 ° C)

Paint consumption:

Primer: 0.1-0.15kg / ㎡

Stone paint: 4-5kg / ㎡

Finish: 0.15-0.20kg / ㎡

Construction tools: roller, paint spray gun, special thick paint spray gun, special screwdriver, etc

Warm tip: clean construction tools with water in time after use. Unused paint shall be sealed and stored in a cool place.

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